“Our mission is to identify our client’s environmental challenges and solve them with predictable, practical, and proven technologies and diligent project management”
~ CES Principal, Bob Soffel

We fight Germ warfare against COVID-19 daily for essential service facilities and the public good.

The CES Difference


We are dedicated to finding, vetting and deploying emergent technologies that best serve our customers.


We are highly capable at delivering results in complex environments under pressure.


We continually do extensive research to stay on the cutting edge of infection control technology.

CES is a certified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB). As a veteran-owned and operated company, we include the veteran experience of working professionals in their own professional trades – chemists, engineers from mechanical to medical, designers and more. We bring skills and qualities acquired during years of service to our customers, communities and friends. We’re durable and dependable. Our team members know how to handle pressure and adversity including meeting strict deadlines. We deliver our proven steadiness, integrity and efficiency to each job. Veteran leadership, exceptional talent and quality focused – we deliver when called on.

Meet Our Team

Bob Soffel


Bob is a New York native, US Navy Veteran and veteran entrepreneur committed to serving family, friends and community. Professionally, he enjoys solving problems through teamwork, collective intelligence and hard work.

He holds a degree in Environmental Policy and Management, multiple certifications, associations and relationships. He has the character, foresight and skills that uniquely qualifies him to lead this organization of exceptional people on a mission. He is passionate about learning and doing things to support environmental progress, human health and wellness and community. Personally, he enjoys family time, sports and friends.

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Society of American Military Engineers


A letter from one of our amazing clients

To those concerned,

Over a year ago, Bob Soffel introduced me to HydroFLOW, an electronic water conditioner that removes and prevents scale, mold, bacteria and algae in water systems. He presented a lot of supporting data and a sincere passion to serve the healthcare community. We discussed an ice machine that presented chronically with biofilm as a potential trial opportunity.

I agreed to a trial on that ice machine. After a 90-day trial, we found the device works as described; it reduced hard scale and eliminated biofilm and mold. The ice machine that gave us regular challenges was no longer doing so, and was clean upon routine visual inspection. Regular cleaning has been easier and takes less time and interference with regular hospital operations.

After a full year in use, the HydroFLOW device on ice machines at our hospital proved to:

• Reduce trouble calls due to bio, mold and scale problems.
• Reduce risk associated with bio and mold to our patients, staff and visitors.
• Reduce costs associated with maintenance, repairs and replacement.
• Improve compliance and regulatory standards of care.

I recommend that you consider this product for your ice machines. It certainly reduces maintenance issues due to hard scale and makes regular maintenance much easier. But more importantly, it reduces risk to our patients, staff and visitors. It also helps to keep us compliant with food and safety regulations as well as Joint Commission standards.

Bob is a trusted partner in combating infection potential in water and air applications through proven technology and is focused on delivering the next ‘best practices’ in modern healthcare facility management. He strives to understand the challenges, is sincere in his approach, and exhibits a technical proficiency of the technologies he chooses to offer.

I intend to continue asking Bob to apply HydroFLOW where it can make a positive impact on the various challenges we have within our facility’s water systems.

I’d be happy to discuss our experience with my healthcare colleagues. Please coordinate with Bob for my contact information.


Randy French
Director of Facilities
Central Kentucky Hospital


Louisville - (502) 512-1033



Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business

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