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Prevents and removes scale, bio and algae as well as waterborne pathogens. Immediately effective.

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Continuous disinfection of the air you breathe and the surfaces you touch. Immediately effective.

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Seals ductwork from the inside out – quickly.
Immediately effective.


Eliminate the guesswork. Imagine what it will be like when your facility’s water problems are solved.

• Salt & chemical FREE water conditioning
• Remove existing scale
• Prevent hard scale formation
• Control bio & algae
• Improve efficiency
• Improve filtration
• Lower water use
• Less maintenance


Improve your indoor air quality and get these results.

• Duct sealing
• Bipolar Ionization
• Improve air quality
• Air & surface infection control
• Remove allergens
• Remove molds
• Remove viruses & bacteria

We deliver technology and services that are sustainable, efficient, and consistent to these industries:










 Food & Beverage

Don’t take our word for it, this is what one of our clients had to say

Luckett & Farley

I recently had the opportunity to witness firsthand the application of the Aeroseal product by Bob Soffel and the CES team. Each installation involved existing metal duct systems that were being reused in building renovation projects. The duct runs were in concealed, inaccessible, or dangerous-to-access locations that prohibited traditional exterior duct sealing, except at great effort and expense. The ducts were understood to be leaking significantly. The Aersoseal product as applied by CES was identified as a safe, effective, and economical solution.

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Central Kentucky Hospital

Over a year ago, Bob Soffel introduced me to HydroFLOW, an electronic water conditioner that removes and prevents scale, mold, bacteria and algae in water systems. He presented a lot of supporting data and a sincere passion to serve the healthcare community. We discussed an ice machine that presented chronically with biofilm as a potential trial opportunity...

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Sue Meister, NY

“My 14-year old son was having chronic outbreaks of MRSA. It got so bad that he was hospitalized for 3 dyas. After many months of frustration and visiting 5 different doctors, I brought this AtmosAir machine (the T400) home and plugged into my son’s room. The next thing I know, after a few days, his MRSA cleared up and he went for a whole 8 months MRSA-free! I swear by this machine. I can’t say enough about it because it is one less thing I have to worry about. The scars on Tyler’s body are now gradually clearing up and he is looking normal again. We both thank you so much!” -

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